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Arzuman Dock Plant Seed(5 gram)

Arzuman Dock Plant Seed(5 gram)

Easy to germinate.

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Easy to germinate dock seed.5 gram dock seed per pack.

How To Dock Seeds

 Method 1

Leave  the Dock seeds in water for a while one day  before germination. Then put those seeds into pieces  of damp cotton or cloth. Make sure that the cotton or the piece of cloth is damp. After the seeds split their outer seed casings you can plant it wherever yo  want without harming the sprout. You can water it approximately one for each 5-6 days

Method 2

Leave  the Dock seeds in water for a while one day  before germination. Then leave those seeds on the ground. If you use a flowerpot fill 90% of the flowerpot with sifted preferably red soil and leave it on the soil. Put a thin layer of turf on it and damp it. (Make sure to water them without moving the seeds) you can also use the green house technique while damping it. In order to create a foggy effect while damping it, you can use a glass cleaner spray to damp the turf. Then you can wrap it with a plastic foil which increases the greenhouse effect inside the flowerpot and quicken the germination. Check the humidity every day and keep on damping with the spray. Waiting time depends on the type of the seed. Keep on damping during the waiting period.


Description of Patience Dock plant
 Perennial plant, 40-100 cm tall, dock has a strong rhizome from which a straight stem grows. The leaves are oval shaped. Flowers are of pink color and the fruit is of a plum color. Dock grows in humid areas, especially on plains. From this plant only the leaves are consumed; they have a sour taste, just like the spinach leaves.

Proprieties and benefits of Patience Dock plant
 Patience dock is rich in vitamins and mineral salts - potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron - which allow this plant to be easily digested, recommended in treating various afflictions.

Patience dock diet is used in treating dermatologic, hepatic and hematologic disorders. It is recommended that dock be used for alleviating diabetes, rheumatism, tuberculosis, ulcer and cough. Against anemia it is recommended patience dock decoct.

 Diets based on weight loss include patience dock as an adjuvant. For anti-hypotension, cardiac neurosis, palpitations and blood flow disorders it is advisable to consume dock under various forms.
   Patience dock decoct is obtained from a spoonful of plant roots boiled in a cup of water for 5 minutes. The mixture is then filtered and consumed 2 cups a day before meals, one in the morning and one in the evening before bed.Patience dock is also consumed as food: dock souffle or dock meat.

Dock souffle is prepared by cleaning a dock plant and placing it in a pot with hot water and a little salt. After it reaches boiling point, the plant is taken out of the pot, and cut finely. In another pot oil is pored and after it starts sizzling, flour is added. When it changes color, the dock is added, and stirred, and finally sour cream is added. After a few minutes of continuous stirring, the pan is taken off the stove, and cheese is added. It is then left to sit and 3 yokes are added while stirring continuously. The glairs are stirred and then added to the pot. This mixture is then poured in a recipient that was prior smudged with butter and put in the oven. It is served warm.

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